Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Uninvited Conversation

Wow. So I had to go to the doctor today, really not feeling well.

My brakes have been giving me a fit since the flood & I stopped at a place on the way home to have them looked at. So, I'm sitting there in the lobby, when this man a few seats over, obviously unconcerned about the ear phones in both ears, interrupts my meditation, and attempt for solitude and starts discussing morality with me. HUH? He doesn't know me! Who is he?

Then he started on "this generation" lack of morals/ church etc. (Hold old do I look?) Then he said he doesn't have a problem with "gays & lesbian weekend at disney, he just doesn't want to take his kids there," then Brazillians??? What?

Then he says when the red sea was parted, it was actually a swamp, we just interpreted it as a roaring sea...

THEN he says he isn't 100% sure christianity is the only way to heaven. Fortunately, last week, my friend Rob recommended I read Luke & John, so I was ready for this one... I stopped him & said, well, if you believe the bible is God's word, and he nodded, then you believe John 14:6 "Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Then HALLELUJIAH they called my name!! And in a flash that was over! Yes!!! What in the WORLD!?!?!

It made me realize the importance of knowing the scripture. And the "answers" for what and why I believe what I believe, keeping the bible as my starting point! I don't want to be "uncomfortable" in a discussion, but fully equipped!

I'm as "real" and down-to-earth as you'll ever find. I have friends from all types of backgrounds, denominations, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, political views and beliefs, but its very easy, to let things slide when you're not meditating (hagah) on the word regularly... And not just a quick "filler-up" on Sunday morning. Its easy to get caught up in being so "PC" you neglect your loyalty to "JC" & I mean that respectfully, but to make a point.

Thankful, oh so thankful that I didn't shy away from this older, intellectual gentleman, but equally happy that my car finished its checkpoints quickly!

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